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Contact: Audra Hawkins 706-894-1341 ext 1155 Email
Habersham County School's Mission Statement
One Team, One Mission, Success for ALL Students
Wilbanks Middle School's Purpose
Our school has embraced the mascot of the patriot with the school being named after a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Captain Hilliard Almond Wilbanks. As we began to identify mission, vision, and beliefs it became clear that our focus for students staff and the community would be the traits that are also identified with the medal of honor: Patriotism, Commitment, Citizenship, Courage, and Integrity.
Counseling Program
Welcome to a dynamic counseling program! School counselors are professionally trained to help remove barriers to learning through a comprehensive, ASCA (America School Counselor Association) based model. Mrs. Hawkins sees students in classroom guidance lessons, small groups and individually as needed.
At Wilbanks Middle, Mrs. Hawkins works with Habersham county to offer a variety of programs and interventions to reach every student. She provides classroom guidance lessons to cover topics such as career planning, equity, bullying, goal setting, decision making, peer pressure, and tolerance. She also work closely with other Habersham county agencies to support enrichment programs for our students such as the Healthy relationships program.
In addition to classroom lessons, small groups are also available to target topics of student interest in a smaller environment. Some of the small groups frequently offered include:
  • Academic Intervention Groups
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Resiliency Groups (Life/Coping Skills)
  • Messy Kids (Organization)
  • Leadership teams
  • Grief Group
  • Changing families
  • Bullying Intervention Groups
  • Coping Skills groups